The Producer’s Desk

The producer’s desk at Cloud 9 would be welcome in any of the finest recording studios in the world. With names like api, Tube-Tech, Quad-8, TC Electronics and Lexicon, it’s easy to see why. To capture the sounds that are created, Cloud 9 has a collection of mics second to none. At Cloud 9 we believe in choices. We have one of the finest 24 track analog decks ever made, the MCI JH-24 with auto-locator III. For artists who’s budget and or process lends it self better to the digital domain, we have a 24 track adat system with BRC. The adats can sync up to a Mac computer which is equipped with Studio Vision Pro, so adding midi to your music won’t be a problem. As for mixing, it can all be done on the Digi-Design Pro Tools HD system and then burned directly to CD. To provide the look of a finished product, graphic design and layout are also available.



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