Analog Alien goes Jungle!

Reggae-pop-rap group “Go Jungle” came into Cloud 9 Recording to record their latest EP. We had a total blast! These guys are hot and they’re just starting out. The “Go Jungle” sound is a combination of  3 styles;  reggae-pop & rap all blended in together to form a sound that is not only creative, but is exciting to listen to.

We recorded “Go Jungle” live, with no over dubs. When the group recorded a take that they liked – that was the one we kept. We only used one guitar amp for the session – a Sovtek Midget which we set for a full clean sound. We wanted to keep the momentum going between takes, so changing the guitar amp out would be to time consuming.

But we had a challenge we were faced with.  Each song called for a different guitar tone.  So Mace, the guitarist for “Go Jungle”, decided to use every pedal in the Analog Alien line up to get all the different tones he was looking for, while only using one amp! It worked perfectly and the guys were able to lay it down in one day!

We’re looking forward to recording with “Go Jungle” again.

If you want to find our more about “Go Jungle” you can check them out on their Facebook page:

Go Jungle 1 Go Jungle Mace1 go Jungle Mace 2 Go Jungle 3 Go Jungle 2

Go Jungle 6

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