Who’s on Cloud 9

Alchemy listening to a rough mix in the Cloud 9 Control Room.


Blue Race in the Cloud 9 Control Room  during the recording sessions for their 2nd CD, “Beautiful Shy”.

Blue Race Studio


Joan Jett, with her long time manager Kenny Laguna, presenting Jack & Joe Napoli with Platinum Records for their work on remixing Joan’s number one hit, ” I Hate Myself For Loving You” for Guitar Hero.



Clyde Lawrence recording some guitar over dubs for his debut CD “HOMESICK”.

Clyd yellow strat


Courtney Chase in the Cloud 9 Control room recording her CD, “Dreams to Chase”.



Kevin McLeod recording with a vintage 1921 Gibson “A” mandolin from the Cloud 9 Collection.

Kevin McLeod 2


Meghan McEvoy in the Cloud 9 Control room with Jack & Joe Napoli, John Miceli and Al Improta Jr.



Mike Collins laying down some vocal tracks in the Cloud 9 Studio area.


Black Heart recording artists “The Vacancies” in the Cloud 9 Control room with Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Joe Napoli and recording engineer Mike Scilzi!



Rychus Syn during the recording of their 2nd CD, “Deadly Syns”.

Rychus Syn






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