Analog Alien & Tone Tubby make a Great Combination!

Tone Tubby’s innovative and creative approach to designing speakers – like the Purple Haze – make them one of the best speaker companies around today. We use Tone Tubby speakers when we demo our pedals at trade shows like NAMM, and we can’t live without them. We also use them in some of the classic amps that we record with at our studio – Cloud 9 Recording.

Jonathan Byrnside of Tone Tubby Speakers thinks that our Joe Walsh Double Classic and Tone Tubby’s Purple Haze speaker make a great combination. Here’s what Jon has to say about it:

“I’m really digging this combo! The Analog Alien Guitar Pedals boys really nailed it with their Joe Walsh Double Classic! Our Purple Haze loves it!” Jonathan Byrnside

Thanks for the compliment Jon, and we have to say that we here at Analog Alien agree with you.