Mixing & Mastering

Let us mix your next project. Whether you are a major label mixing a national release or a singer song writer struggling in your home studio to get your mixes to sound like what your hearing in your head, Cloud 9 is your perfect choice.

We believe Mixing is an Art as well as a Science.  The writing and recording of a song is a very personal and creative process. Before you can mix a song you need to understand what the song is about and what emotional response the artist is trying to evoke from the listener.  We come to this understanding in a very simple way. We listen…

Nestled in a spacious meticulously designed, non-parallel wall floating control room you will find a 64 input custom analog console attached to a full 32 in 42 out Pro-Tools HD system loaded with your favorite plug-ins. Combine this with a producers rack chuck full of the best analog gear around and I’m sure that you will agree that Cloud 9 is a very cool place to mix.

By the way, we dock our egos at the door. So, if you already have an engineer who totally gets you and understands what you want before you can even finish explaining it, feel free to bring them in. They are more then welcome.

The control room is well laid out and every engineer who has ever worked here has told us that it has only taken them a few moments to become totally comfortable in the room.

Mastering is the final stage of every recording project. After years of experimenting we have put together an eclectic combination of the most modern plug-ins and classic high-end analog gear available today. These custom signal chains give a unique quality to our mastering process allowing the final mastering to punch up the level of the recording without destroying the integrity of the original mix.