Analog Tape Baking

Even with all the advancements in Digital recording, there is still nothing that sounds like analog tape.  Unfortunately tape does have its down side.  Wile developing tape with lower noise and higher out put, tape manufactures started to experiment with different adhesives to adhere there newly formulated emulsions to the new Nylon and Mylar tape they were using.

Though they achieved their goal and did produce lower noise tape with higher out put, there was one major draw back. Un be known to the manufactures their new formulas would absorb moisture over time.  Even kept under good conditions any tape over ten years old and some times even younger, would become gummy and unplayable.

Thank goodness there is a way to bring back to life all your old analog reels that you had undoubtedly slaved over those many years ago.

The process is called Tape Backing and when done properly can restore your old reels to play back condition.

If you feel you may be in need of this service please call Cloud 9 Recording  at (631) 234-2208 and speak with Joe Napoli… and what ever you, Don’t try to play the tape before its been baked!!!! Trust me the results aren’t pretty.